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Reconditioned/Used: Pitco, SFSSH55, 55lb Spinfresh Fryer w/ Oil Filtration

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Change the way you cook with this 50lb natural gas spin fresh fryer. Not only will this fryer keep your fried food fresher and crispier for longer than the conventional fryer, but it will also make your food healthier. After your food is fried the basket inside the fryer rises up and spins at variable speeds shaking the excess oil and water off of your product. This prevents the breakdown of texture. While spinning the product continues to heat inside the cooking system due to the convection heat from the unit.

the operation savings with this unit are massive. when using spin fresh it was found that nearly 50% of oil consumed during cooking was spun off of the food and recovered back into the fryer. When you add on the oil filtration unit which increases both the shortening life and quality of your oil. You will end up saving hundreds if not thousands in operation costs.